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This one was written for [ profile] jaysawyer. Because, apparently, she hates me :P. You've been taken over by smartgrass, haven't you?

I had to google Spencer Reid, and once I found out that he was a genius with an eidetic memory I wanted to write this from his POV. I could not do that, however, given I've never seen that show and so I would have butchered his character horribly. So, he's basically just a third body, here. Also, I very much toned down the D/s theme. As in, I didn't really write any of it. Not explicitly, anyway, but I tried to give the fic that kind of vibe.

I tried, honey!

Title: This Time
Pairing: Dean/Sam, Dean/Sam/OMC
Rating: Adult
Summary: Dean and Sam sometimes pick people up at bars, to take back with them to their room. Or, Dean does, anyway. Sam goes along with it, because he’s a good boy. And because in the end, it's only ever Sam that Dean needs.


It’s not the first time they’ve picked up a third.

Usually it’s a girl though, some pretty little thing who’s been flirting with Dean all night, drunk on two cocktails and Dean’s pretty words, the way he casually touches her hand, the way he leans in close.

Sam knows what it feels like to be the object of Dean’s desire like that. In fact, Sam’s the only one who really knows, lately, because after he has her on the hook, he’ll kiss her, softly, smile and point to his brother. Tell her it’s Sam she’ll be fucking, not Dean, if she decides to leave with them.

Dean likes to watch.

He likes to tie Sam up, tell him to close his eyes, not to move, not to make a sound. He likes to test Sam’s resolve, likes to see him sweat while someone half his size climbs on top of him. He likes to see Sam’s huge cock disappear inside a nice, tight hole. He likes to talk about it, long after they’re gone.

He likes to stop them before Sam comes, finish her off with his hand or his mouth, send her on her way.

He likes to fuck Sam for hours after, tell him all about how hot he looked, how good he takes it, from anybody.

Not anybody, though.

Only ever for Dean, even if it’s not Dean’s body doing the taking.

This time it’s different.

This time it’s a guy that caught Dean’s attention. Spencer is his name. He lost to Dean in a game of pool and offered him a congratulatory drink afterward. Dean insisted he buy one for his brother, too, and Spencer just smiled, said “No problem”.

This time Dean didn’t flirt at all, neither did Spencer. This time there were no coy looks, no flushed cheeks, no ‘accidental’ touches. This time there must have been more going on under the surface, more silent communication that Sam wasn’t aware of.

This time, when Dean invited Spencer back to their motel room, he didn’t offer up Sam.

“I want to fuck you,” Dean had said, after their third round. “Me and Sammy, we’re a thing, but he lets me play, sometimes. Right, Sammy?” Dean had looked at him, smirked, winked. Sam had gritted his teeth and followed them out of the bar.

This time, Sam is getting pissed.

Oh, he knows that in a matter of hours Spencer will be gone. From their bed, from their lives and he’ll have Dean all to himself again. Always, Dean will be his, not anyone else’s, not in any way that matters.

But right now Sam’s naked on his knees, hands behind his back, mouth shut and eyes down, like a good boy, while Spencer, very enthusiastically, gets his face fucked.

Right now, Sam can taste blood, has to fight so fucking hard to stay put, not to get up and pull that asshole off his brother, tell Dean to use him like that, instead.

Dean might like to watch, but Sam’s fast learning that he doesn’t.

It’s not long (thank God) before Dean yanks Spencer back by his hair. Dark, thin, too short to get a good grip on at the back. Sam stifles a smile at the thought. Dean loves Sam’s hair, loves how long it is, how thick and soft and how he can wrap his fingers up in it, push and pull and twist Sam any way he wants.

Sam would go regardless, but sometimes Dean likes to use force. Sometimes, Sam likes it, too. More than sometimes.

Dean takes a breath, strokes his cock a few times, slowly.

Okay, maybe Sam wasn’t being entirely truthful when he said he doesn’t like to watch. He could watch Dean do this all day long.

“What do you say, Sammy,” he says, after Sam’s mouth falls open and his mouth starts to water. “Want to see this kid get fucked?”

Sam huffs out a small laugh, can’t help himself. Kid. The guy’s probably older than Sam.

“Yeah, Dean,” Sam says. Because that’s what’s expected. He could say no, he supposes. Tell Dean he’s done with this, that he doesn’t want either of them to share anymore. He won’t, though. He knows Dean loves this and he won’t ever take that away from him, not when it ultimately doesn’t matter, not really.

“You’re a terrible liar,” Spencer says, as Dean grabs him by the shoulder and pulls him to standing. His voice is rough and cracked, hoarse from sucking Dean’s cock. He looks at Dean, then. “And you’re an idiot.”

“And you need to mind your own business. Sammy, you want to tell our guest what happens to bad little boys?”

Sam lets out a tiny whimper. If he concentrates, he can still feel the sting of Dean's open palm on his ass cheeks from the last time he didn’t follow Dean’s orders in the bedroom. Fuck, it still feels incredible.

“Christmas comes early,” Sam offers, not bothering now to hide his small smile. So Spencer has his number, so what? It’s actually easier now that it’s out there, now that he doesn’t have to try to pretend he isn’t completely fucking gone for Dean.

Dean barks a sharp laugh, turns Spencer around and gives him a playful swat on the ass. He gives him a shove in the direction of the bed and Spencer goes easily. It doesn’t escape Sam’s notice that Dean asked him, not Spencer, if he could fuck the guy.

Dean climbs on the bed after him, herds him in, up, so that Dean’s positioned behind him with Spencer on his hands and knees, face pressed between the pillows.

“Sammy,” he says, stroking a hand over Spencer’s hip as he holds his other one out, palm up.

Sam scrambles up off the floor, rifles through Dean’s bag until he comes up with a stray condom and a half-used bottle of KY. He hands them to Dean, moves to step back and out of the way, back to his position on the floor, but Dean’s other hand suddenly snaps up and grabs Sam’s wrist, tight.

“Hey,” he says, eyes locked on Sam’s. Sam swallows, stays perfectly still.

“Hey,” Dean says again, softer this time and he pulls Sam down. Close enough that he can kiss him. Dean’s lips are chapped, rough and he tastes like stale beer and chicken wings.

Sam opens wider.

When Dean finally breaks the kiss his eyes are fierce, full of fire and need. He puts the condom on and lubes himself up. Fucks Spencer fast and dirty, hard until the guy comes.

“Roll over,” Dean says, after he pulls out. His words are soft, kind, just like his hand on the back of Spencer’s neck. Spencer rolls. Out from under Dean, to the far side of the bed. Dean pulls off the condom and tosses it on the floor. It’s not anything new for housekeeping, not in a place like this. “You can stay as long as you like. But you don’t touch either of us anymore. Okay?”

“You guys gonna fuck now?” Spencer asks. He only sounds mildly interested in the answer. Mostly he’s stifling a yawn, looks like he’s about to curl up and fall asleep.

“Nah,” Dean answers. His hand reaches out to cup the side of Sam’s face, his thumb brushes over Sam’s bottom lip. “Bed time, Sammy,” he says.

Sam stands up gracefully, falls onto the bed next to Dean and lets Dean wrap him up in a tangle of arms and legs.

Dean’s still hard, his erection rubbing up against the dip at the base of Sam’s spine. Sam’s hard, too, but it’ll have to wait until later.

They don’t ever fuck with an audience, Sam knows that.

That’s just for them.

Sam is just for Dean, always will be, in every way. When Dean lets go, when he loses his careful control, when he lets someone see more than his deftly constructed façade, that’s just for Sam.

Despite the way Sam plays it, despite his desperate need to make Dean happy, he’s never been very good at sharing.

He falls asleep happy in Dean’s arms, knowing that when it really comes down to it, neither is Dean.


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posted by [identity profile] at 05:06pm on 27/07/2013
Oh, that was delicious. *happy sigh*
posted by [identity profile] at 05:39pm on 31/07/2013
Thank you!
posted by [identity profile] at 08:30pm on 27/07/2013
I can't believe you actually did it! So very perfect! You sculpted them just as I like them - their possessive desire being the thing that almost kills them every time. Hot, in command Dean and obedient Sammy.
Using Spencer as a tool to prove their devotion in their own twisted way, as only they can do. Yum.
And you're such a tease withholding their pleasure at the last moment just to prove a point!
Well played, my friend. Well played.

Thanks a million, I cannot tell you how long I have longed to see them get into it with Dr. Reid. Smokin'!!!!!!
posted by [identity profile] at 05:43pm on 31/07/2013
Yeah, you suck :P

Although, when I do prompt posts like that, I'm truly looking for challenges, and you definitely delivered! And I have to admit, there really is something about Sam, quiet and shaking and gritting his teeth and begging Dean to make him behave... yeah. I think, after he got on the demon blood and he wanted Dean to make him 'good' again, that whole thing took on a very sexual edge.


I'm glad you liked, honey :)
posted by [identity profile] at 01:42am on 28/07/2013
Hot dayum, this was seriously smoking. Not just the sexxing, but the psychological give and take btw the boys is fascinating. Really enjoyed yum. NO idea who spencer is, but boy is he
posted by [identity profile] at 05:44pm on 31/07/2013
Thank you! I'm pretty sure any of us would gladly take Spencer's place here :)
posted by [identity profile] at 03:23am on 28/07/2013
There is so much going on here, it makes for an intriguing little fic. Nicely done :)
posted by [identity profile] at 05:45pm on 31/07/2013
Thanks :) I tend to stay far, far away from anything even resembling D/s, but I gave it my best shot.
posted by [identity profile] at 11:14am on 28/07/2013
Fucked up in so many, varied and utterly delicious ways... YUM! :D

Hot, baby. And seriously twisted. Just the way I like it ;-)
posted by [identity profile] at 05:48pm on 31/07/2013
Thank you, baby!!

Yeah, they're so much easier to handle when they embrace how fucked up they are.

Love you!
posted by [identity profile] at 01:06am on 29/07/2013
I love that bit of jealousy and uneasiness that Sam's got here, and which somehow just makes the whole thing hotter. And I really like how you write Spencer, actually, in his short cameo.
posted by [identity profile] at 05:51pm on 31/07/2013
Usually I write the boys such that Dean bends over backward to give Sam everything he wants, but every once in a while, I make it so Sam sacrifices, to make Dean happy :)

Thank you!
posted by [identity profile] at 03:03am on 29/07/2013
I have no idea who Spencer is, but this story was hot! ;)
posted by [identity profile] at 05:51pm on 31/07/2013
I don't know, either!

But thanks :)
posted by [identity profile] at 03:26am on 29/07/2013
posted by [identity profile] at 05:51pm on 31/07/2013
posted by [identity profile] at 12:44pm on 29/07/2013
AWESOME story!!
posted by [identity profile] at 05:51pm on 31/07/2013
Thank you!
posted by [identity profile] at 02:00pm on 29/07/2013
Sooooo naughty and delicious.

posted by [identity profile] at 05:51pm on 31/07/2013
Thank you!
posted by [identity profile] at 11:13pm on 12/08/2013
Delicious work, my dear.
posted by [identity profile] at 03:19am on 15/08/2013
Thank you, honey!


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