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As promised...

I actually wrote Dean/Sam!! I wrote some Jensen/JDM as well, which I might post later, but I'm more nervous about that :) This is kind of... I don't know. Based on a prompt from the kink meme, but I went so far off the rails that I'm not sure it's still what they wanted :(

Title: So They Say
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1000
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Summary: Outsider POV. Sam and Dean are badass hunters of legend. People talk, but nobody knows their real story. Mild D/s.

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Wincest fic!!!

I know, this is not really my thing these days, but it's a silly little fic and I can pretend it happened a while ago, when I still shipped this kind of thing :)

This one is written for my darling [ profile] ash_carpenter because I asked her - MORE THAN ONCE - for some Sam being all "Dean, it's a paper cut and we're in the libary!". She refused. Which naturally means I had to write it for her. So, this is your Merry Christmas, my darling :)

Title: It's Getting Stronger
Rating: PG
Paring: Dean/Sam
Summary: Dean comes down with a case of 'magical healing cock'. Sam doesn't believe him. For the first time, Sam's happy to be wrong. Pure crack :)
Word count: 1500

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Title: Strings and Sealing Wax
Rating: Adult
Summary: Guilt and booze are never a good combination. At least, that's what Sam thought until he set out to make a deal for his memories back, and ended up with a yearly pass for a night with his dead lover, instead. Sam doesn't know why and he doesn't know how – hell, he's not even sure it's really Gabriel – but for the first time in his life, Sam finds himself looking forward to Christmas.
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Gabe, some Crowley
Word count: 6000
A/N: Canon compliant throughout the years since Gabriel died, but some events are slightly altered in timeline so that events in this story happen at Christmas time. Starts during S6 and continues through S9.
A/N II: Written for [ profile] ladyoneill who likes Sam/Gabriel, Crowley, angst, fics set at holidays, bottom!Sam, dark fics, broken characters and hopeful endings. Have a very merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy!

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Here we go again. Anything to do with Cas, right into the void. I miss you, my fellow Cas fans (*waves* at the three of you left), and I hope you like, [ profile] snogged, my love!

Title: Surely To The Sea
Pairing: Sam/Cas, background Dean/Lisa, unrequited Dean/Cas
Rating: PG
Word count: 2300
Summary: It's Sam's brother's wedding and Sam's happy for him, he is. Especially when he gets talking to the best man.

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So, I had a dream last night...

In which I was Dean Winchester's girlfriend, but I left him for Lucifer in a Mark Pellegrino suit )

In conclusion, there should really be more Sam/Lucifer. Cage and post cage.
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For [ profile] ash_carpenter. Because I'm kind of her bitch.

It's creepy and wrong, like I know you like, baby, but it's... I don't know. I seriously don't even know what this is. I blame my middle finger :P

Title: Woven From Your Hair
Rating: PG
Pairing: Dean/Sam (one-sided non con), Dean/others, Sam/others
Summary: The story of Dean Winchester, told in the style of a fairytale, starting with his juvenile hero-worship of his father and ending with his creepy, demony obsession with his little brother.
Word count: 1700
Warnings: Rape, creepy as fuck Dean

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Title: Dream On
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Sam/Cas, past Dean/Cas
Summary: Cas isn't feeling well. Sam tries to help him through it, but he's worried he won't live up to the standard Dean set. Yes, is A/B/O - omega!Cas, beta!Sam, alpha!Dean. (I can't believe it, either). Prompt:

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Fic!! For my dearest [ profile] ash_carpenter, because I owe her and I suck. Like, a LOT. So, here you go, honey. Something wrong and fucked up :) Still love me?

Title: Every Night You Stay
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: Adult
Spoilers: Early S9
Word count: 2600
Warnings: Non-con, dark!Dean (crazy!Dean?)
Summary: Sam finds out about Ezekiel and doesn’t take it well. He decides to leave Dean again and Dean doesn’t take that well. All Dean wants is to take care of him, whether Sam wants it or not. This is what happens when Dean finally snaps.

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Written for [ profile] elveys_stuff who asked me for “Dean/Sam sex on the hood of the Impala…” About a million years late. And shit, I can’t even tell you how much trouble I had with this story! I wrote – I’m not kidding – three different fics, all of which I deleted, because they sucked so hard. I would get to the sexing and Dean and Sam would be arguing and snarking and ‘Oh, that feels good! You’re so mean to me!’ and… yeah. I’m having such a hard time getting the boys happy these days.

Anyway, this is my best shot. Fluff, porn, curtain!fic.

Title: All The Way Home
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Word count: 1800
Summary: Curtain!Bunker!fic, with a side helping of Impala!Sex. Dean and Sam are settled into their lives as acting Men Of Letters. They still like to go for drives, on occasion.

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This one was written for [ profile] jaysawyer. Because, apparently, she hates me :P. You've been taken over by smartgrass, haven't you?

I had to google Spencer Reid, and once I found out that he was a genius with an eidetic memory I wanted to write this from his POV. I could not do that, however, given I've never seen that show and so I would have butchered his character horribly. So, he's basically just a third body, here. Also, I very much toned down the D/s theme. As in, I didn't really write any of it. Not explicitly, anyway, but I tried to give the fic that kind of vibe.

I tried, honey!

Title: This Time
Pairing: Dean/Sam, Dean/Sam/OMC
Rating: Adult
Summary: Dean and Sam sometimes pick people up at bars, to take back with them to their room. Or, Dean does, anyway. Sam goes along with it, because he’s a good boy. And because in the end, it's only ever Sam that Dean needs.

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