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Here's a list of all of the Supernatural fiction that I've written, sorted by pairings, with summaries. I'll try to keep this as updated as possible :)


Stress Relief On a random night in a random town, it's all just a little too much. Sam got hurt, and Dean tries to make him feel better. Angsty. H/C. Adult.

In Your Dreams Dean catches Sam dreaming about him. How does he react? Adult.

You Know You Wanna Dean gets drunk and wants to get laid. When Sam makes that impossible for him, he insists that Sam help him out. Drunk!Dean, so lots of silly and nonsensical thoughts. Horny!Sam, so, again, nonsensical thoughts. :) Just a bit of silly and fun. Adult.

Not The First Time (Dean/Sam one-sided, Dean/OMC) Sam didn’t think Dean would take him seriously when he suggested he whore to make them some extra cash. And he sure didn’t think he’d be lucky enough to spy on him in on the act. Sam POV. Just a little bit of whore!Dean, cause gold like that just never gets old :) No real timeline, just pre-hell. Adult.

Blow Me Verse Series of fics in which Dean and Sam have sex with each other, even though they totally aren't gay. According to them, anyway. Adult.

Arc I - Blow Me The boys suffer through serious denial and overwhelming dickish tendencies (Dean especially), as they try to deal with the unexpected consequences of jerking each other off out of convenience. Ultimately though, they start to learn some things about themselves. But they still aren’t gay.

Arc II - How to Date Your Brother It’s finally official. Well, sort of official. Well, after some awkward fumbling on Dean’s part and after Sam does some soul searching, it’s unofficially official. They’re fucking exclusively. Oh, and maybe they date sometimes, too.

Arc III - Put You Down For a While Sam hasn’t always been in love with Dean. He is now though, and despite his initial reservations, they’re together and they’re happy. Or they are until Dean suddenly starts to shut Sam out without explanation and Sam is driven to making a mistake that Dean might not be able to forgive.
Packed full of brother issues and lover issues and angst and jealousy and insecurity and that special kind of dysfunction that only the Winchesters can deliver. A story about a hard time in a relationship, set against a backdrop of fairly ordinary hunting jobs and nosey secondary characters. Adult.

In It for the Hands Dean likes Sam's hands. Like... really likes Sam's hands. Sam knows it, and sometimes he's kind of a tease. Adult.

Through the Rift Angel/Torchwood/Supernatural crossover. The rift is acting up, and brings Spike, Dean and Sam to Torchwood. Crack ensues. Just a silly bit of fun, where everyone is more or less of parody of themself, so don't take it too seriously. R

Tin Soldiers John excelled at shaping Dean. How did Dean do with Sam? A little look at why the boys do, or don't do, what they're told.

Dream All Alone Sam doesn’t see any reason why he and Dean shouldn’t start having sex. Dean doesn’t agree. Sam doesn’t take rejection well. Adult

Do It His new urges are harder to control than Dean thought they would be. Sam doesn’t seem to mind. Altered scene from 6.05. Adult

Anything But Beautiful Sam can’t feel. He really, really wants to though, and if all he can get is physical sensation, he’ll take it. Adult

It’s Easy Dean's still not over all the bullshit that Sam pulled when he was soulless. It's not like they can sit down and have a heart to heart about it though, so they deal with it in other ways. Adult

For The Win Dean and Sam have some time to kill while waiting to move forward on their latest case. Dean’s bored as shit and after some needling on his part, he coaxes Sam into a contest of the sexual nature, to see who can last the longest. Adult

Size Matters Dean is well endowed. Sam gets off on it. Hard. Seriously, that’s all this is. Adult

His Favourite Part Dean/Sam/Cas. Pretty much just porn. Based on the prompt Dean fucks Castiel and then Sam cleans them both up with his tongue Adult.

Slow and Steady Dean wants to try something new in the bedroom and even though Sam's a little apprehensive, Dean's pretty sure he can convince him. Dirty, dirty porn. Schmoopy, loving, dirty porn. Written for a prompt that basically asked for fisting.

More of a Good Thing Set soon after Sam got re-souled. Sam wants Dean back, but he’s not sure Dean’s over Lisa, so he’s hesitant to make a move. Dean’s sick of waiting.

The Best Medicine It’s good to laugh again. Sam doesn’t realise just how good until they’re doing it. And he doesn’t realise how much he needs Dean’s reassuring hands on him until he has them. A little post-Plucky Pennywhistle’s comfort. R

Can't Trust That Day The brothers have decided to give themselves a break from the hunting life and settle down for a while, in a sleepy little town, with normal jobs and a house. It even has curtains. But Sam always works late on Mondays, ever since he met the pretty new mail girl. Adult

Happy Campers The boys take a little time out for a camping trip. It doesn't go exactly like Dean remembers it going in the past. Sam seems to be having a pretty good time, though. R

Give Up Forever Dean’s been flirting with Sam. Maybe. Well, Sam’s pretty sure. And Sam’s been flirting back. And watching sort of a stupid amount of television. As far as Sam can remember, though, flirting shouldn’t be this confusing. R

Can't Get Enough Dean doesn’t like to bottom. Sam doesn’t care. No context, really, just porn. Adult

Answered By You Sam sucks a lot. It makes it both easier and harder for them to fall back into each other after Dean comes back from purgatory. R

All The Way Home Curtain!Bunker!fic, with a side helping of Impala!Sex. Dean and Sam are settled into their lives as acting Men Of Letters. They still like to go for drives, on occasion. Adult

This Time Dean and Sam sometimes pick people up at bars, to take back with them to their room. Or, Dean does, anyway. Sam goes along with it, because he’s a good boy. And because in the end, it's only ever Sam that Dean needs. Adult

Tighter Sam tries to snuggle. Dean hates it. No really, he does. Honest. PG

Every Night You Stay Sam finds out about Ezekiel and doesn’t take it well. He decides to leave Dean again and Dean doesn’t take that well. All Dean wants is to take care of him, whether Sam wants it or not. This is what happens when Dean finally snaps. Adult

It's Getting Stronger Dean comes down with a case of 'magical healing cock'. Sam doesn't believe him. For the first time, Sam's happy to be wrong. Pure crack :)


Blood Deans thoughts while he watches Castiel paint the bloody symbol on the wall in 'Lucifer Rising'. R

No Regrets Set during 'The End'. Cas has always loved Dean. It doesn’t matter where, and it doesn’t matter when. Not to Cas, at least. Doesn't even matter if it's the wrong Dean. Cas is tired of his existence, and a blast from the past gives new life to his life. It might not be the best idea, but he's miserable and lonely and he misses Dean, and he just doesn't care. Adult.

This, And So Much More It's sort of the story of how Dean realises, and admits to, how he really feels about Cas. Sam helps him out, because he's an awesome brother, even if his help ends up being less than helpful at times. Cas figures some things out as well, but it's never as easy as you hope it is. Packed full of denial and misunderstanding, the boys try to figure out the intricacies of their new emotional and physical relationship. Adult.

About Time It's almost Christmas, and Dean, Sam and Cas are working a case. Dean gets jealous over something that's mostly nothing, and Sam thinks it's kinda funny. It's not so funny for Dean though, when he's just now realising something the other two seem to have known all along. Adult

Valuable Commodity Castiel is a whore. Or a therapist. It’s hard to say. It’s sometime before 2014, and Castiel’s powers have faded. It’s not easy getting used to being mostly human, and Castiel finds a way to feel useful. Dean finds out. Kinda bleak. Adult

Never Saw it Coming At first Dean's not happy about Cas whoring himself out. Then... well, then he's still not happy, but at least he understands. Sequel/compaion piece to Valuable Commodity Adult

All I’ve Got to Give Castiel thinks he’s too good for relationships, and Dean is terrified of them. They both fall hard and fast, even though they try to fight it, and the imbalance of power that results after Castiel tries to force Dean into staying with him, when Dean decides things are going too far, makes it even harder for them to have something real.
AU story, in which Castiel is a wealthy CEO suffering from a bad case of unrequited love, Gabriel is his dickhead brother, Sam is a happy and (mostly) well adjusted 18 year old, and Dean is a high school drop-out working at a garage by day and a bar by night to support himself and his little brother. Adult.

Shootin’ You Straight Dean is in a rock band with Sam, Adam and Christian. Castiel is a fan. Not of the music, of Dean. An opportuinty persents itself one night after a concert and Castiel can't pass up the chance of a lifetime. It's not perfect, but this is their story. Adult.

A Sharp And Desperate Need Cas is fighting a war in Heaven and Dean’s fighting one on Earth. It’s rough on both of them and the things they share when they manage to sneak away from it all, stolen moments of peace in absolute chaos, are the only things that keep them going.
A/N: A somewhat angsty take on a prompt for rough D/C sex. Dean loves that he can really let loose and be as rough with Cas as he wants, since Cas isn't bound by human limitations; he can take a rough fucking and beg for more. Lots of wall slamming, face fucking, hair pulling, biting, roughly pinning Cas down to the bed, maybe spanking/ass slapping. No dominance, Dean isn't trying to dominate Cas, and Cas is a very willing participant. Begging from Cas or dirty talk would be wonderful.

His Favourite Part Dean/Sam/Cas. Pretty much just porn. Based on the prompt Dean fucks Castiel and then Sam cleans them both up with his tongue Adult.

More Than You Give Dean has needs and Castiel has a body, so when Castiel can see that Dean is getting overwhelmed by pressure and hopelessness, he does what he can to help relieve the stress. He’s the cause of a lot of it, after all, even if Dean doesn’t know it yet. Set during S6. Written for the prompt Dean uses him as a human shaped dildo, fucking himself very insistently on his cock and paying little attention to Castiel's own reactions. No dub-con., but it didn't turn out exactly like that. Because I suck :P

Live For the Fight 2014!verse. Cas likes to celebrate successful missions with indulgence and the drugged-out orgies don't necessarily have to wait until they get home. Cas has some fun in the car with a couple of injured soldiers, but when they get home, Dean makes sure Cas knows where he really belongs.

The Touch of a Hand Castiel is wounded in a fight against Raphael and goes to Dean for sanctuary. His wings are damaged and Dean helps him sort them out. In a sexy way :)

What You Need Sometimes you need a break, a time-out from the world. A way to unwind and forget about your troubles and feel like everything is okay again. For Dean and Cas, that break is each other and Dean’s more than willing to give Cas what he needs, even when Dean’s not really in the mood. Set during S6. Adult

Road, You Gotta Take Me Home After his ex-girlfriend is killed in a car accident, Dean gains custody of her fourteen year old son. They know it’s going to be difficult, with the stress of grief and unfamiliar living conditions weighing on them, but neither of them is ready for just how difficult it really is, trying to feel out where they belong in the confusion and aftermath of such a great loss. They deal with it though. They’re family. What other choice do they have?
A family drama, featuring Dean as a new single father, Ben as a ninth grader with trouble coping, Sam as the voice of reason and the rock that holds Dean up and Cas as the sympathetic police officer who repeatedly busts Ben for petty crimes. R

Extraordinary Castiel wants Dean’s hand in marriage, but there’s someone he needs to run it past, first. Someone who claimed responsibility for Dean long before Castiel came into the picture. G

Quick Set during early S8. It's not easy for Dean and Cas to get some time alone together, without being interrupted. It's been way too long and Dean's starting to get desperate, so it becomes sort of a mission. Sort of angsty, sort of schmoopy.

Don't Feel Like It Should: For the prompt We need to use more lube next time. Set post S8. Cas is mortal and he needs Dean to teach him some things - things Dean might not necessarily want Cas to know. But Cas is surprisingly good at getting what he wants out of Dean. Basically, just some silly and some happy. PG

The Red And The Black Cas is sent to the store to buy licorice. He's bad at it. G

Away From Myself Dean/Cas/Benny Purgatory fic. Benny has been hitting on Dean since they met, but he can't figure out why he keeps getting shot down. When Castiel shows up, he explains to Benny what it is that Dean really needs. Then, he shows him. Adult

So Quite New When Castiel first possessed his vessel, he didn't give much thought to his physical form beyond using it to accomplish his mission. Dean changed all that, a long time ago. Still, Castiel likes it when Dean reminds him. (Prompt: ee cummings) Adult


Up To You Missing scene from The End. Dean doesn’t think he’s handling things so well in the future. Also, he's missed the Colt and decides to use it to make a point. It ends up maybe not being the ponit he'd intended. Gun!sex! Adult


Give It A Try Based on the prompt Robo!Sam decides to experiment with guys. He's very methodical about it. Adult


Dream On Cas isn't feeling well. Sam tries to help him through it, but he's worried he won't live up to the standard Dean set. Yes, is A/B/O - omega!Cas, beta!Sam, alpha!Dean. Adult


You And Me Set mostly during Route 666 (because seriously, I've seen that episode SO MANY TIMES, it was only a matter of time. Don't ask). Dean’s feeling a little vulnerable after John didn’t answer Sam's call about Dean nearly dying in 'Faith'. Add that to facing Cassie, who dumped him, and maybe he needs a little reassurance from his little brother.


Eighty-Three Bucks Jared's in love with Jensen. The only problem is, Jensen's a hooker and Jared can't afford him. R

Sunday Night Jensen and Jared have been roommates and best friends for years. Jensen has been in love with Jared for even longer than that. Jared’s always shut him down but now Jensen is getting married to the guy he’s been dating for six months, and Jared starts to realise what he’s missing out on. PG

Here He Comes Again AU. Misha’s in love. Again. Jensen doesn’t think anything of it until he meets the most recent object of his friend’s affections, and then Jensen might be a little in love, too. R

Count the Cost AU. Jared’s had a tough run in the love department, but he thinks that might change when he meets Jensen. And even though Jensen comes on a little strong at times, Jared likes Jensen enough to give it more than one shot. Is Jared looking so hard for his happily ever after that he’s willing to overlook the ‘happy’ part? Adult. RAPE.

Best Job Ever Jared works in gay porn, along with Jensen and Matt. Jared might be a little in love with Jensen, but he's pretty sure the feeling is mutual. Matt is just a bonus. With extra special bonus J2 and jealous!pining!Jared.
Based on the prompt Porn star AU! Jared giving them blowjobs at the same time, leading into spit-roasting, and all the normal stuff you'd find in a gay porn threeway!

Your Intention Jensen is a stressed out business man and Jared always knows just how to get him to relax. He knows when to back off, when to push and when to use the slave he made Jensen buy for them. Jensen usually fights him, but Jared really does know best. Schmoop and porn. Slave!fic with a twist.

Anything You Want Jared wakes up to a pleasant surprise, blindfolded and naked, in bed with a naked Jensen. Things just get better from there. Straight up, lazy morning porn. Adult

It Makes You Desperate AU. Jensen and Jared are in love. It should be sunshine and puppies and sweaty, dirty sex all the time. It should be epic and glorious and sickeningly perfect. And it would be, if only Jensen was interested in men.
This is not the story where Jensen is into women and is only gay for Jared. This is the story where Jensen is a straight man in love with another man and has to figure out what to do about it. Adult

Ice Is Slowly Melting AU. Jensen Ackles is happy. He’s successfully put tragedy behind him and after three years, things are going well, better than he’d have ever thought possible. He’s got a great job, an amazing kid and his boyfriend, Jared is finally moving in.
But when he learns that his deceased husband is in fact alive and well, his perfect plans for the future are thrown out of whack. His life is turned upside down while he tries to figure out what he wants and what he needs, choose between his desires and his obligations.
This is a story of loss, of hope, of tearful reunions and heartfelt goodbyes. It’s a story of three grown men (and one little boy) playing a hard dealt hand with maturity and grace. Mostly though, it’s a story of love.

Foot On The Train A lazy day at home gets a little more interesting when Jared challenges Jensen to a game. It doesn’t take Jensen long before he realises agreeing to it maybe wasn’t the best idea ever. Written for the prompt Jared and Jensen play strip poker. So, that’s basically what this is. Just a bit of goofy, sexy fun. Adult

Right Kind of Right Jared has always just been there, when Jensen needs an outlet. They're friends with benefits. That's all it is for Jensen. Jared, unfortunately, doesn't feel the same. He's in love with Jensen, has been from the start. It takes a frustrated confession and a jealous stand off before Jensen realises that he was wrong, that maybe Jared does mean more to him than an easy lay. Adult

Angel Underneath King Jensen and his bed slave, Jared do what it takes to lure reluctant palace guard Jeff into their bed. Jeff protests, knows it isn't right but Jared is damn near irresistible. Plus, Jensen is pretty convincing when he explains that he likes to watch... Adult

Play Me A Memory Jensen is away on a business trip when he gets dumped by his wife. He stumbles into a piano bar to drown his sorrows and the entertainment catches his eye. R

Slice Of My Pie Written for the prompt I want a fic where whoever is on top keep running his fingers over the rim around his cock. After a while he cant help but put a finger in alongside his cock, and then another, and another... And I wrote Jared is totally amazing and Jensen can't believe how lucky he is. Adult


Another Thing to Fall College AU. Pretty much his whole life, Jensen’s never wanted anybody but Misha. They’re in love and they always have been, but how strong can Jensen be when the hottest freshman in the class he TAs for sets his sights on him? Jensen has no intention of giving in, but Jared has no intention of giving up. Adult

Where You Least Expect It AU. Misha’s bored at a party and then Jensen shows up. They really hit it off, Adult

Just Ask AU. Janitor!Jensen/Scientist!Misha. A random AU story where life throws the boys a not unexpected curve ball and they have to decide whether or not they want to stay together, and just what it’s worth to them. Plus, sex. Uh… angsty schmoop? Adult

The First Time High school AU. Jensen experiences a lot of his first times with Misha. Most of the ones that really stand out are firsts for them both. Featuring blushing virgin!Jensen and crossdressing!Misha.
A/N: Prequel to a story I wrote a while back, Another Thing to Fall, where Jensen and Misha’s relationship is tested when Jensen meets Jared.

I Called You Sweetheart Sequel to Another Thing to Fall
Jensen and Misha were high school sweethearts, now they’re college sweethearts and they’re well on their way to being sweethearts through finishing grad school, to joining the workforce, to becoming little old men, screaming at kids to get off their lawn. A few weeks ago, though, Jensen messed up. Big time. He let flattery and curiosity and base desire get the better of him and he crossed a line. He cheated.
Now he has to deal with the repercussions of what he’s done, and the possibility that Misha might not be as able to forgive him as he’d hoped. Adult.

Beyond the Action Misha is the lone star of an adult film - written, directed and filmed by Jensen. Adult

Homecoming Jensen and Misha are best friends that have been separated for six months. Misha has been looking forward to Jensen’s return, but their reunion doesn’t go the way either of them had thought. PG


All Ye Need To Know Misha loves sex. Or, he loves it until he realises that he gives so much more to the experience than his partners do. He's close to giving up on finding someone who will compliment him the way he needs, but then he meets Jared.


Break From the Same Old Jeff is on a business trip, hitting the clubs with his colleagues and looking for some entertainment, like always, when Jared catches his eye. Turns out Jared has a best friend and Jensen and Jeff go way back. Adult

Angel Underneath King Jensen and his bed slave, Jared do what it takes to lure reluctant palace guard Jeff into their bed. Jeff protests, knows it isn't right but Jared is damn near irresistible. Plus, Jensen is pretty convincing when he explains that he likes to watch... Adult

Magical Fantasy Jared/JDM/Danneel College student Jared goes home with a smokin' hot older guy who turns out to be married. That turns out not to be a problem. Adult

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So I might have been bored/avoiding things I was supposed to be doing and I might have cleaned out this list. It made for some happy reading. I really like that most of the time you allow relationships to be real, with misunderstandings, sometimes without happy endings - you don't go for the quick "and then they had sex and lived happily ever after" trap that many writers fall into, and that's what makes your stories so great. But now I'm bummed because I've read everything you've're gonna have to produce more, ok?
posted by [identity profile] at 01:26am on 27/11/2011
Ha! Yes, writing more is always a good thing :)

I'm really glad you've enjoyed these stories. I always have fun when the characters are challenged and even enjoy a not-quite-happily-ever-after on occasion.

Thanks so much!
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Sorry to cock up your Sunday plans!

But thanks, it makes me happy to hear that you're enjoying my stuff :)
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Thank you so much for the masterlist - I've only just discovered your LJ and starting to read your wonderful stories.

Just for info the some of the links get "page not found", for It Makes you Desperate, Did You Know, More Than You Give, Stress Relief and In Your Dreams.
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Thanks for pointing out the broken links!

I recently did an edit to this post, and I guess some of the coding broke down, but it should be fixed now :)
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Thank you so much, the links all work perfectly now.
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